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Saturday, July 26, 2008

for candidates

We are pleased to spotlight this unique partnership of private and public organizations and to recognize these individuals as they reach for their full potential in the workforce. Creating pathways for all Utah citizens to fully participate in the digital economy advances the cause of industry, education, and families in the State.”-- Tim Bridgewater, Deputy for Public Education in Utah

You are not alone. 180,000 Single Parents in Utah face tremendous obstacles in meeting the most basic needs of their families and fall in the category of the working poor. With limited prospects for education and lacking the computer related skills required in 85% of today’s jobs, there is long term strain on parents and children.

However, two thirds of disadvantaged adults find employment with a significant increase in income after training. Skilled2Succeed seeks to build on this success by providing the missing link of cooperation between public training programs and private sector employment opportunities. As qualified candidates advance in the workplace, everyone benefits.

Find out how others have succeeded with Skilled2Succeed. See our success stories for more information.

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