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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah Comments

“It [Skilled2Succeed] significantly improves the economy in the state of Utah. The fact that these people . . . now are employable because of the skill set they received.”-- Gary Herbert, Lt. Governor

We all want to raise our family’s standard of living, provide for our children, and enjoy a feeling of self-reliance. However, many of the 180,000 Single Parents in Utah face tremendous obstacles in meeting the most basic needs of their families and fall in the category of the working poor. With limited prospects for education and lacking the computer related skills required in 85% of today’s jobs, there is long term strain on parents, children, and public assistance programs.

Our vision is to provide digital literacy programs to disadvantaged adults as a pathway into continuing education and sustainable, good paying jobs. As candidates distinguish themselves and find employment and advancement in the workplace, everyone benefits from a better trained workforce, better opportunities for children, and reduced strain on public assistance programs.

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